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  • Oxen from our cattle farm
  • Oxen from the Iberian Peninsula
  • Homestead oxen and cows
  • 100% Aberdeen Angus oxen
  • Galician oxen and cows
  • Premium Galician cows
  • Spanish breed cows
  • Simmental cows
  • Holstein cows

* We change parts daily, each service we usually offer 5 different parts among the mentioned categories.

Hot starters

Calf’s sweetbreads

22,00 €

Calf’s sweetbreads, mushrooms, low temperature cooked egg, caramelised onion, and Italian white truffle oil (recommended).

Beef cured chistorra sausage

14,50 €

Grilled 100% beef cured chistorra sausage.

Roasted peppers from Loiu

19,50 €

Roasted peppers from Loiu, bolognese sauce with ox meat, pickled onion and 12-month cured cow cheese flakes.

Croquettes made with our oxen

14,00 €

Croquettes made with our oxen, spicy touch and homemade BBQ sauce.

Grilled artichokes

19,50 €

Grilled artichokes from Tudela with octopus.


19,50 €

Mushrooms and black truffle butter.

Grilled octopus

26,50 €

Grilled octopus, foamed potato and paprika.

Grilled cod “Kokotxas” (fish cheeks)

22,00 €

Grilled cod “Kokotxas” (fish cheeks)

Scallops, quinoa and seaweed

22,90 €

Scallops, quinoa and seaweed.

Cold starters

Baerii Gold Pyrenean Caviar

49,00 €

Baerii Gold Pyrenean Caviar (20gr.) with artisan focaccia lacquered with ox fat.*
*This caviar can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by dishes such as: Galician ox carpaccio, steak tartare, foie, red tuna and anchovies.

Carpaccio from our oxen

18,50 €

Carpaccio from our oxen, mustard, and cow’s cheese (recommended).

Carpaccio of Galician oxen

28,00 €

Carpaccio of Galician oxen, salt, and special bread.

Premium Amaren cecina

19,50 €

Premium Amaren cecina (cured beef), bread and olive oil.

Ox tongue 100% Angus

19,90 €

Ox tongue 100% Angus Aberdeen beef with mango and avocado.

Homemade foie

22,50 €

Homemade foie with roast apples and black cherries.


22,00 €

Anchovies from Santoña preserved in butter with focaccia.

Beef sirloin steak tartar

23,50 €

Beef sirloin steak tartar and red tuna marinated.

Wild red tuna marinated

19,50 €

Wild red tuna marinated


Salad with tomato

16,50 €

Salad with tomato, cecina (cured beef), cow’s cheese and olive oil.

Salad with tuna belly

19,50 €

Salad with tuna belly, roast peppers, anchovies and tomato.

Seasonal sauteed vegetable salad

18,90 €

Seasonal sauteed vegetable salad, burrata, pesto, almonds, cottage cheese and quince (recommended).

Our charcoal-grilled meat

Ox Beef sirloin

43,00 €

Ox Beef sirloin, potato, and mixed mushrooms and green asparagus. (Recommended)

Galician beef sirloin

29,90 €

Galician beef sirloin roast peppers and potato.

Block of T-boneless

29,90 €

Block of T-boneless, roast peppers and potato.

Beef T-Bone

75,00 €/kg

Beef T-Bone, roast peppers and potato.

Wagyu A5 BMS

36,50 €/100 gr.

Wagyu A5 BMS +10 imported from Japan. (Check availability)

Our fish

Grilled gourmet cod loin

28,50 €

Grilled gourmet cod loin with “escalivada”. (recommended)

Gourmet cod loin

28,50 €

Gourmet cod loin, pil-pil style.

Grilled wild red tuna

29,50 €

Grilled wild red tuna, zizahori mushrooms and pickled vegetables.

“T-bone steak” of grilled red tuna

65,00 €

“T-bone steak” of grilled red tuna, with zizahori mushrooms and pickled vegetables (500 gr approx. Serves 2 people).

Desserts - 100% cow’s milk homemade cheeses


33,00 €

BEST CHEESE IN THE WORLD 2019 organic blue cheese, from cow, refined in pear brandy by the wonderful craftsman David Gremmels of Rogue Creamery.

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

14,00 €

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Homemade cheese from Galician cows

14,00 €

Homemade cheese from Galician cows.

Cow’s cheese with penicillium roqueforti

16,00 €

Cow’s cheese with penicillium roqueforti.

Cow’s cheese

12,50 €

Cow’s cheese

Caramelised torrija.

8,90 €

Caramelised torrija (French toast).

Crumbled biscuit

8,90 €

Crumbled biscuit, foamed coconut, and chocolate (apt for celiacs).

Chocolate sphere

9,50 €

Chocolate sphere filled with orange and white chocolate with banana split ice cream.

Homemade cheesecake

8,90 €

Warm Amaren-style oven-baked cheesecake, red berries and fresh cheese mousse.

Amaren tiramisú

8,90 €

Tiramisu Amaren: Creamy mascarpone with saboyardis, cocoa and chocolate.

Grilled pineapple

8,90 €

Grilled pineapple, meringue, inverted puff pastry and yogurt ice cream.

Homemade ice cream

8,90 €

Homemade ice cream: rice pudding, chocolate, María biscuit, yogurt, mango and banana split.

All prices on the menu include VAT.
All possible half portions are priced at 60% of their total.
Sourdough bread with beef and cow butter 2,25 €. Bread + EVOO 4 €. Gluten free bread 3 €.


Ask for our wine list at the metre, it has more than 200 references where you can find the best wineries of the peninsula, international wines, and a private collection of old vintages and plot wines.