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The Rare Tour World 101 best steak restaurant - Amaren


Get ready to enjoy a very exclusive culinary event! From 13 to 15 march, Amaren restaurant in Bilbao will host a unique gastronomic experience, organised by The Rare Tour and the prestigious World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants list. These four-handed dinners will feature the participation of grill chef Roberto Pintadu from the Bifró Labistecca Frollata restaurant in Turin, also recognised by the same world ranking of restaurants specialising in steak and currently ranked among the three best steakhouses in Italy.



The special menu designed for the gastronomic event The Rare Tour will offer emblematic dishes from both restaurants, where the best quality meat will play a leading role. Grill masters Aitor del Olmo (Amaren) and Roberto Pintadu (Bifró) will demonstrate their skill on the grill and the knowledge of the product they both treasure, creating a menu consisting of 6 dishes (3 by each chef) that will delight your senses and make you appreciate meat like never before.

In addition, the menu will feature a special pairing with selected wines from Amaren wineries. Each dish will be accompanied by a wine that will enhance its flavours and create a complete culinary experience.

This event is a unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable and unrepeatable meat experience with the best product and the experienced hand of our grill masters.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this unique culinary experience, we are waiting for you at Amaren from the 13th to the 15th of March!

Bifró Labistecca Frollata en Turín

The Bifró Labistecca Frollata restaurant in Turin is one of the three best restaurants in Italy specialising in grilled meat and also one of the best in the world, as attested by its presence in the prestigious ranking of the World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants.

Chef Roberto Pintadu has been linked to the smells and flavours of his homeland since his youth. He grew up and moved to Piedmont, in Turin, where he turned his passion for grilled meat into a job. In 2015, Roberto began to focus his attention on precise meat processing and improving the maturation processes.

After a stay in the districts of Asti and Cuneo, he further perfected his techniques. So in 2018, having reached the peak of his experience and studies, he is ready to impose a new way of enjoying meat and winning over the palates of his customers.

Today, Bifrò is a benchmark restaurant in the preparation and cooking of grilled meat, as he is able to enhance the flavours of meat from America, Northern Europe and all over the world and offer his customers new and authentic culinary emotions.