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pintxos del restaurante Amaren

Our bar with pintxos (Small culinary creations with toothpicks), renewed every day is an expression of our cuisine in miniature, enjoyed with a great wine and in good company. We can highlight our hot pintxos for those who wish to taste a fragment of our menu instantly.

Our instant Pintxos

  • Marinated salmon, slightly smoked and with dill, coconut and citrus fruit.
  • Grilled octopus with smoked potato foam and paprika from La Vera.
  • Block of grilled cod with Brunoised baby vegetables and Pil-pil teardrops (Typical sauce).
  • Grilled homemade Criollo sausage with caramelised onion and salsa Brava (Spicy sauce).
  • Grilled sweetbreads with egg at 80 degrees.
  • Homemade ox hamburger.
  • Deboned grilled T-bone steak with Parisian potatoes and Thyme
  • Cold white chocolate cream with roasted coffee jelly and mandarin.
  • Rice pudding made with sheep’s milk and vanilla, with cinnamon ice cream.