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  Welcome to Amaren Restaurant

A restaurant created from our dream; to reclaim authentic ox meat, we use the term reclaim, because what today what is sold as ox in restaurants and butchers is only 1% authentic ox, we are proud to be in this exclusive 1%

To be able to offer this, we travel all over the peninsula personally selecting the best oxen we can find, all our oxen are over 5 years of age and we divide them into two categories; aged 5 to 7 years and over 8 years of age.

To enjoy such a distinguished and rare delicacy, all our beef is grilled in our kitchen open to the public. We have also created semi-closed spaces with built in fume extractors, where they can comfortably enjoy the T-bone steaks made on our portable grills.

La vaca más grande de España está en el restaurante Amaren

La vaca más grande de España

En el restaurante Amaren podrás disfrutar de la vaca más grande de España a partir de este sábado 10 de julio de 2021 y hasta el próximo domingo 18 de julio de 2021. Al ser una carne tan especial solo se admitirán reservas de al menos tres personas.

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Haz tu reserva directamente en el restaurante o por teléfono llamando a 946 791 440