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Oxen certificates

We travel throughout the peninsula personally selecting the best oxen that we find on our way, then we move them to our facilities where during their last year we try to make them live in an optimal and relaxed way, watching their feeding carefully and that the oxen remain healthy at all times.

Within our oxen we make two distinctions based on their age:

Steers from 5 to 7 years old: We do not slaughter any steer less than 5 years old, in Amaren we consider 5 years old as the minimum age necessary for the meat to reach the properties to enjoy a unique, scarce product with an exceptional quality.

Steers older than 8 years: Once the 8 years barrier is surpassed, two factors combine to allow us to enjoy one of the best meats in the world; the size of the steer exceeds 1000 kg and the specimen produces meat with properties that make the steer meat a unique meat, that is why we always try that our specimens exceed 8 years of age.

One of the main factors is the breed of the ox, within the wide variety we have a special predilection for the Morucha, Barrendo and Charolés breeds.

Maturation of the meat: Our ribs of Chuletas have a maturation that oscillates between 35 days and other extreme ones that surpass 600 days during which we watch that they are hung in an environment in which we select the humidity and temperature so that the meat matures correctly until it is ready for its consumption, moment in which the genre is transferred to our restaurant. During this process, the moisture in the meat evaporates. The muscle becomes tender meat with an excellent texture.